Continuing success of kidney transplants at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital.

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital in Karbala confirmed that it will continue to perform kidney transplants similar to what is available in international hospitals.
The specialist of kidney surgery at the hospital, the Iraqi expatriate doctor in the United States of America, Dr. Asaad Abed Aoun, said: “Our team is still performing kidney transplants at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital, where we have achieved excellent successes,” noting that: “The members of the team specialized in these operations in the hospital has gained excellent experience and is able to achieve more successes, similar to what is found in international hospitals.”
He added, "We recently performed a successful kidney transplant for a patient in her forties. The kidney was donated to her by her sister, who is four years younger than her."
Abed Aoun continued, "The operation took place in the required manner, and the patient did not have any complications during it."
He explained that: "Al-Kafeel Hospital has the required means for kidney transplants, most notably the special care unit inside the operating room, which keeps the kidneys' receptor there for a number of days to protect him from infections, because his immunity is suppressed by giving him certain medications to prevent the rejection of the transplanted kidneys."
Pointing out that: "The kidney donor leaves the hospital two days after the operation, and the kidney's receptor stays at the hospital until his health condition is stable."
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