The completion of adding more than a thousand square meters to serve visitors.

The staff of the Maintenance and Engineering Construction Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has completed all the work related to adding (1450) square meters to the courtyard of al-Joud, located on the left side of al-Qibla Gate Street of the shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), to add this space to be at the service of visitors.
The resident engineer, Ammar Salah Mahdi, who is supervising these works, told Al-Kafeel Network, that: "The works included building an integrated infrastructure network (electricity - sewage - communications - cameras - potable water), and through service channels for each system separately according to a plan set by the department’s presidency and ratified by the General Secretariat of the al-Abbas’s (p) holy shrine, and which was concluded with the work of cladding the area with muqarnas, linking it to the space that preceded it and making it one space.”
Mahdi explained: "This is the third phase of the project of this courtyard, within the expansion project that the Holy Shrine seeks to achieve, which will provide large areas that will contribute to reducing severe crowding, especially during the days of special and major Ziyarat, as this entrance is one of the most important entrances leading to the shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him)."
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