A massive cleaning campaign carried out in the square between the Two Holy shrines.

The Department between the Two Holy Shrines of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine organized a wide cleaning and sterilization campaign that included the courtyard between the two shrines and their covered areas and the streets leading to and adjacent to them, in addition to removing all the materials that were temporarily used to organize the visitors' movement and mourning rituals of the Twayreej run.

These works are conducted after the completion of the Ziyarat of the tenth of Muharram, as the department staff harnessed all their efforts in this cleaning campaign, which is complementary to the previous ones.

The head of the department, Sayed. Nafi' al-Moussawi, told Al-Kafeel Network, "The department's staff, in each Ziyarat season, make exceptional efforts to serve the visitors, by implementing the plan that was developed for it, which helps create an appropriate atmosphere for performing the Ziyarat rituals with ease."

He added: "Despite the exceptional circumstance that accompanied the Ziyarat as a result of the Corona epidemic and its repercussions, we carried out all service matters, including professional cleaning campaign that included also sterilization and disinfection of most of the parts of the yard.”

Al-Moussawi explained that: “These works were not limited to cleaning only, but there are proactive works that included removing the carpet and the (nylon) layer beneath it, which area is estimated at (15,000) square meters, as well as removing the barriers of organizing the mourning procession of the Twayreej run and other materials that were placed temporarily for this purpose. Noting that groups of volunteers helped us in carrying out these works.”
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