71320 people register for a pilgrimage by proxy during Ashura days

Pilgrimage by proxy page
Alkafeel Global Network of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine offered all the rituals of pilgrimage by proxy applied for by the adorers of Ahlul-Bayt (PBUT). Number of people who applied for the pilgrimage by proxy was71320 people.

The registration will continue for ten more days in order to grant people more time to apply for it as it became apparent that there was a great increase in registration for pilgrimage by proxy.

Most of the people who applied for the pilgrimage by proxy are from: Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, Russia, America, Britain, India, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Canada, Kuwait, Malaysia, Australia, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Germany, Iceland, Austria, Greece, the Netherlands, Tunisia, Denmark, Norway, Qatar, Belgium, Morocco, Afghanistan, Oman, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland, Nigeria, Ghana, Yemen, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Finland, China, Ireland, Hong Kong, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Sudan.

For submitting your request for the pilgrimage by proxy, please click on the following link to register: http://alkafeel.net/english/zyara/veiw.php
The Internet Division of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine has created a page for pilgrimage by proxy for those whom are unable to come to Iraq to offer pilgrimages to Ahlul-Bayt (PBUT).
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