Al-Kafeel Scout paramedics are on constant high alert.

The al-Kafeel Scouts Association of the Childhood and Youth Division in the Media Department of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has dispatched more than 250 paramedics with medical and nursing specialties, to support the medical support plan for the Ziyarat Arba'een, in the form of mobile and fixed teams inside the holy shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) and its surrounding. They were put in a state of permanent alert to provide assistance and treatment for any case that needs help to take the necessary action as soon as possible.
The official of the Medical Affairs Division and the general supervisor of the medical plan of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine stated to the al-Kafeel Network: "There is a special importance that the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine gives to the health services provided to the visitors of Arba'een. And among the medical services are the deployment of medical evacuation teams in which volunteers from the Al-Kafeel Scouts Association are working side by side with other bodies affiliated to the departments and divisions of the Holy Shrine. These teams took their places inside and outside the holy shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), taking the responsibility to rescue any case that needs help in a timely manner."
The Commissioner-General of the Society, Ali Hussein Abdel Zaid, told Al-Kafeel Network, "The cadres of these teams have been trained and prepared for quite some time. They are university students with medical and nursing specializations from many governorates. And we organized a series of medical courses and workshops for them that made them fully prepared to participate in this part of the medical plan.”
He added: "The teams are divided into two parts, there are fixed teams working to provide immediate aid to the cases that come to them, and other mobile teams working to transfer any case to the first teams, and in case they need more measures, they are transferred to the medical detachments inside the holy courtyard for the necessary procedure, and when needed the case is transferred to other detachments by ambulances designated for this purpose.”
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