Third Cultural Week in Zenjan, Iran

A view of the audience
The activities of the third Cultural Week in Zenjan, Iran have been opened such activities annually arranged by the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine with the participation of the El-Abbas and El-Kathomya Holy Shrines.

So many figures attended the opening ceremony, where many speeches delivered by such as the orator of Zenjan Sheikh Ali Khatemi in which he warmly welcomed all the audience especially the delegation of the Imam Hussein and the El-abbas Holy Shrines.

The deputy Secretary-General of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine delivered a speech in which he mentioned the common elements that gather many people from different countries which is the spiritual relationship. Also, he mentioned the takeover of the administration of the Holy Shrines after the ex-regime had been toppled.

He pointed out that there are approximately 8000 employees working at the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine and all of them honorably serve the pilgrims of Imam Hussein (PBUH). After that, the audience directed to open the fair of the publications of the Imam Hussein, El-Abbas, and El-Kathomyea Holy Shrines.
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