Al-Ameed University publishes a book on Clinical Biochemistry.

The President of the al-Ameed University, Prof. Dr. Moayyed Imran al-Ghazali, has completed the writing and publication of his fifth scientific book in Clinical Biochemistry, the first part in the English language and in a question and answer format, with an international filing number ISBN: 978-99-2294-301 -5.

The book includes (519) questions as well as (71) case studies, with discussion, interpretation and diagnosis, and this is represented through four chapters:

- Chapter One: General Concepts in Clinical Laboratory.

Chapter Two: Acid-Base Balance and Disorder in the Human Body.

Chapter Three: Liver Function Tests and Disorders.

Chapter Four: Renal Function Tests and Disorders.

The book targets students of primary and postgraduate studies in the faculties of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, science, biotechnology, veterinary medicine, pathological analyzes, education, agriculture, and nursing, in a simple style and clear information that can be memorized easily and in a simple way, as it helps students to remember information during the examinations, taking into account the requirements of the curricula set in the faculties, and the recent developments that were dealt with in sufficiently detailed manner through modern references.

This book is the first scientific achievement issued by Al-Ameed University and bears the logo of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, the logo of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the logo of the Education and Higher Education Authority at the Holy Shrine, and the logo of the al-Ameed University.

For those who wish to obtain a copy of this book, review the Central Library building at Al-Ameed University, which is located on the (Karbala-Najaf) road opposite the column number 1238, and for more inquiries, you can contact the phone number: 964 1122 221 0076.
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