Noor Al-Kafeel Company is a landmark in the largest international exhibition specialized in the food industry in Iraq

Noor Al-Kafeel Company for Food and Animal Products (one of the companies of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine) has booked a place in the largest international exhibition to be held in Iraq specialized in the food, agricultural and packaging industries, which was opened in Erbil province, and will last for four days with the participation of 90 local and international companied from: Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan.

The authorized director of the company, Mr. Ja'far Hussayn al-Qutb, told Al-Kafeel Network that: "Participation in this exhibition came as a complement to the series of successful participations during this month, as we had three international participations that were held in Iraq, the first in the Erbil Exhibition for Animal Products, then in the Basra International Shopping Fair, and Today we are returning to Erbil Governorate in order to participate in this exhibition specialized in the food and agricultural industries, because this field is more specialized than the products of our company, so it was an opportunity to see what local and international companies produce on the one hand, and to introduce our products which name took place in this field from another side".

He added: "The exhibition constitutes a strong opportunity for our company to promote its products in front of the participants, as samples of our animal products, from red and white meat and its products, in addition to various food products. The pavilion was a prominent icon and a distinctive sign in the exhibition, bearing the slogan: (Together to support local products and strengthen food security).

Al-Qutb affirmed that: "Participation is an important link in communicating with the Iraqi consumer on the one hand, and with similar companies on the other hand, which contributes to closer commercial relations as well as introducing the products and their development in quality, and their ability to compete in the local and global markets."

A number of the exhibition's goers visited and viewed the pavilion, in addition to the local and international satellite channels, who expressed their admiration for what was presented, expressing their desire to open wider marketing outlets, so that they could acquire these products that meet their desires, and were able to be in a record time superior to the imported product.
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