Al-Kafeel Hospital reveals the reason for its continuous successes

A medical team specialized in neurosurgery at Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital confirmed its continued success in the surgeries it performs on patients who suffer from health problems in the spine and brain, while stressing that modern medical technologies and materials are the most important factors for those successes.
The specialist in neurosurgery, Dr. Khaled al-Sarraj, said, "Our continuous medical successes in the operations we perform for the patients we receive from Karbala and other governorates, are qualitative and distinctive due to the complexity of the pathological cases with regard to spine and brain surgery."
Al-Sarraj added, “The hospital’s capabilities and technologies are among the most important factors of success in our work, in addition to the skill of the anesthesia team, surgeon assistants and other supportive medical nursing staff,” stressing that “the medical materials we use in operations are of international origin, and have a prominent role in treating patients in complex cases, etc."
And the neurosurgeon stated that "one of the most important operations that we performed was for the mother of one of the martyrs of the Popular Mobilization, to fix the slipped vertebrae, free the spinal cord and implant artificial cartilage, and it was carried out successfully without any complications, and her health condition improved after the operation."
While he revealed, "There is another operation that was performed on a woman who was suffering from multiple herniated discs and a deviation in the spine. The vertebrae were fixed, the deviation was corrected, and artificial cartilages were implanted. The operation succeeded without any complications."
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