Conclusion of the research sessions of the Holy Defense fatwa conference

The imam al-Hassan Hall (peace be upon him) at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine this Friday morning witnessed the conclusion of the research sessions of the Holy Defense fatwa conference, which was held under the title: (the Holy Defense fatwas between the past and the present, the religious authority of His Eminence Sayed al-Sistani and Sheikh Fathallah al-Isfahani have similar goals and different methods).

The session witnessed the presence of the secretary general of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, Sayed Mustafa Mortadha Dhea al-Din, and a number of researchers and specialists from the Hawza and academic community.

The session was chaired by Dr. Abbas Ali Hussein al-faham, a member of the Al-Ameed scientific and intellectual Association, and included the presentation of nine research papers that were as follows:

- The social effects of the Speicher massacre by the researcher Sheikh Dr. wafqan Khudair al-Kaabi teaching at the University of Kufa.

- (Setting an example in Sayed Sistani's advice to young believers.. Reading in pedagogical lessons), by researcher Dr. Fadel Sadiq al-Abadi from Dhi Qar University.

- (The constitutional and legal legitimacy of the popular mobilization and their role in preserving national identity), by researcher Dr. Iman Qasim Hani al-Safi from Mustansiriya University.

- The Speicher massacre and its psychological and social effects on the victims ' families), by researcher Dr. Ahmed Hassan Qasim from the Islamic University.

- (The commandments of Sayed al-Sistani for the fighters.. The study of the aesthetics of the text), by the researcher Dr. mokhlad Jabbar al-Shaher from the University of Basra.

- (Moral leadership of the religious authority in Iraq.. Sayed al-Sistani as a model), by the researcher Dr. Fadel Abdul Abbas Mohammed, a researcher in social and administrative affairs.

- (The psychology of the terrorist and his personality traits), by the researcher Dr. Faleh Al-Quraishi from Imam as-Sadeq University (peace be upon him).

- (Linguistic analysis of the topics in Sayed al-Sistani's 2014 fatwa against ISIS), by researcher Omar Wali from Wasit University.

- (Psychological trends arising from political empowerment thanks to the fatwa of the religious authority and its impact on building the national character in Iraq.. The fatwas of the defense of Sheikh Fathallah Isfahani and Sayed al-Sistani, as a model), by the researcher Hussein Jawaid Al-Kindi.

The end of the session witnessed the presentation of many interventions and concluded by honoring the participating researchers.
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