The Al-Abbas' s(p) holy Shrine continues to provide services to the displaced families and renews its call for the owners of Hussaynyat in Karbala to open them..

The Al-Abbas's (p) holy Shrine continues through its relief committee of the displaced and other supporting committees from the different departments of the holy shrine, to provide services to the families that were forcibly displaced by the Takfiri and the sectarian hands from their areas of residence, most of them are from the province of Mosul and are followers and lovers of Ahl Al-Bayt peace be upon them).

Mr. Nafi' Al-Mussawi the Chairman of the mentioned Committee, which operates under the direct supervision of the general secretariat of the holy shrine of Al-Abbas (peace be upon him), has confirmed that the past few days have seen an increase in the movement of displacement, in fact the number of the displaced and received people by the holy shrine is exceeding 13 thousand displaced person.
He added: "These displaced people have been housed in Hussaynyat and processions deployed on the roads leading to the province of Karbala after that most of the Hussaynyat in the inner city have been exploited by the holy shrine, as a second plan of shelter. The third is to go to the districts and areas of the province of Karbala like Al-Hindya, Al-Hussaynya and Al-Horr Districts that are currently receiving the displaced people in their houses and Hussaynyat."

Mr. Al-Mussawi explained:"The only problem that we face is the question of accommodation, the fact that the visitors cities, Hussaynyat and processions have been exploited by sheltering the displaced, while we are in contact with the owners of the rest of the Hussaynyat for the purpose of accelerating their opening, as most of them are outside the province of Karbala. Other than that, we have been providing food and medical services for displaced people, along with other needs such as clothes and children's milk and other matters of life. And, to prevent the incidence of certain diseases, the Committee provided these families with clean water (Ro) and ice from the factories that belong to the holy shrine through their special trucks."

Mr. Al-Mussawi renewed the appeal to the generous people, Hussainiyat bodies, processions' owners and service's complexes from Iraq and beyond, to the rescue of their fellow displaced unjustly and forcibly from Ninawa and Kirkuk, because of the foreigner Takfiri terrorism that targeted them, to help them and open the Hussainiyat and processions to house them, and that, due to the increase of the number of the displaced families coming to the province of Karbala. For the purpose of contacting the above-mentioned committee, you may either call on this number:(009647801677232) or write on the official email address of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine: (

It is to mention that the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine had earlier announced its full readiness and willingness to receive the displaced Christian families from Ninawa province, and its neighbouring regions, which were exposed to the threat of criminal and Takfiri gangs of ISIS (Da'esh) and others, and out of its moral duty that goes along with the directives of the Supreme Religious Authority to stand with the displaced families, the General Secretariat of the Holy Shrine of Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) formed an ad hoc committee to oversee the reception of displaced people coming from the hotspots that witnessed killings and displacement, and works to create the accommodation necessities and living conditions, within the available means for this purpose.
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