The Supreme Religious Authority: The division of the country is unacceptable as it will centre and enlarge the circle of conflict hot spots..

The head of the commissioners and agents of the office of Sayed. Ali Al-Hussayni Al-Sistani; Sayed. Mohammed Hussayn Al-'Ameedi has explained during the discussion seminar held within the seventh edition of the festival of Imam Al-Hassan (peace be upon him), by answering one of the questions directed to him by one of those present, the question was as follow:
“There have been calls for the separation and division, what is the view of the supreme religious authority about it?”

Sayed Al-'Ameedi answered as follow: “For the religious authority the division of the country is unacceptable, as it will centre and enlarge the circle of conflict hot spots, and any effort to split up the nation on ethnic, sectarian or religious base is turned down. Noting that these borders were drawn by the colonization that tries to strengthen the conflict in the region by creating a constant war between the supposed Sunni and Shiite states, thing that we don't accept at all, and we urge everyone to protect the unity of this country and to endeavour all to establish a strong state that gathers everybody.”
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