The Iraqis are showing heroic positions into the defence of the land and the people of Iraq..

Ahmed Saadoon Al-Shejeyri from the Diwaniyah province, a new man who was just twenty years old, and who was about to get married as he was engaged, had the honour of martyrdom in the Karma area in the province of Al-Anbar, as he was found covered with his own blood defending the country and the people of Iraq, with a bullet from a rifle of a coward sniper.

He was a native and resident of city of Shiite majority; Diwaniyah city, which is one of the southern cities, 193 kilometre south of the capital Baghdad, and he was martyred in a city with a Sunni majority; the city of Al-Karma, which is an Iraqi city located in the west, in Al-Anbar province, north-East of the city of Al-Fallujah, and it is approximately 80 kilometre from the Iraqi capital.

This young man has sent a clear and loud message to those stray gangs that try to desecrate the pure soil of Iraq, that the fight against them does not belong to a sect without the other, and that all the land of Iraq belongs to all its citizens, and it is their obligation to sacrifice for it.

But they are merely a misguided group, hired to cross the borders to shoot down and wipe out the authentic Iraqi identity, to take apart the national coherence, to sow strife between the sons of this united country, and change the demographic nature of the nation according to the programs and interests of other regional countries.

And in honour of his heroic role, reflecting such great sacrifices of the sons of Iraq in the defence of the fatherland, the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine conducted his official funeral ceremony in the holy city of Karbala.
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