In preparation for its installation on the wooden structure of the grid of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him)all the parts of the triangles of gold have been installed..

The working artisans and technicians at the the factory of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine for the manufacture of holy shrines and sanctuaries' grids, have completed the phase of assembling and installing all the parts of the golden triangle, in preparation for its installation on the parts of knot-works to be mounted on the wooden structure of the grid.

The golden triangles are 28 pieces made from 22 carat gold, by two triangles for each side, right and left, which makes 14 pieces with a length of 77 cm and a width of 52 cm. According to the project's operators, these triangles are of high importance in manufacturing terms, as they have been formed of gold which is one of the intractable metals, and also the way of their installation on its place on the grid as they are framed with silver and mounted on the top of the tracery, making with the lateral columns and the upper crown of the triangle 14 knot-works so-called (Duhna).

After the completion of all the manufacturing works of the golden triangles, the phase of connecting them with other parts has started, where both sides, left and right, are prepared to link them with the wooden frames that are coated with 28 silver frames in form of arches with length of 130 cm and thickness of 1,5 mm, with all works of rolling, welding, cooling, smoothing, bleaching and polishing. The current frames' thickness is twice the thickness of the previous arches' frames and are made with a more sophisticated artistic way, by using 999 pure silver 2% blended with pure gold, these frames are padded with stainless steal.

It is worth mentioning that the triangles have been manufactured, formed and designed to be similar to the motifs of the old triangles. the engraving and smithing works were made by a specialized staff at the factory, because this process needs accuracy as it is a manual work without the use of any machine, which requires additional time and effort. Each triangle weighs five kg, which make a total weight of 140kg for the whole grid, with a thickness of 1mm. 22 carat gold was used in their manufacture to give a vibrant lustre and greater resistance against blackening that can happen with time.
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