The International Book Fair of Karbala is a rich oasis of thought and a bright star in the sky of the international exhibitions..

Year after the other, the International Book Fair of Karbala shows progress and development that make it one of the most important international exhibitions held in Iraq and that contributes directly to the perpetuation of the intellectual momentum and the cultural movement, thanks to the excellent titles of the books exposed by the publishing houses and institutions, all of which was translated in its eleventh edition organized within the international cultural festival of the martyrdom's spring which will be launched on the third of the blessed month of Sha'ban.

There are some 117 local, Arab and international publishing houses participating in this cultural event, among of which thirty publishing houses are participating for the first time in this book fair, three centres for scientific studies and two satellite channels, as well as the participation of all the holy shrines in Iraq and the Islamic world, in addition to the participation of the Sunni and Shiite endowments. This year the exhibition is distinguished by new design as the fair was divided to one side for the distinct publishing houses and the other for the normal ones.

There was a special mechanism that was adopted in the approval of participation applications on the basis of the efficiency and expertise in the printing and publication, such as distinct publishing houses in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, England, Egypt and others who have filled out the forms electronically through a special system then send it to be accepted. Then a committee of specialists was formed by the preparatory committee for the management of the files of the participants to put a map for each of the participants.

The exhibition was also equipped with all services such as the air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, speakers, screens, location signs, advertisement and audio ads. The publishing houses were given different and sufficient areas depending on their requests.

Among the new additions of this edition, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the exhibition, there was a selection of a theme personality of the exhibition, and this year the theme personality is Sayed Ali son of Mohamad Tabataba'i to focus on his life and to print a book about him to be distributed to all the participants and the visitors of the book fair.

The current edition of the exhibition will last for fifteen days and focuses on the respect of the rights of publication and distribution for the publishers, as it stipulated to not display any book that is a subject of a legal dispute, and the exhibition management prevented the exposition of any book that disrespect the sovereignty of Iraq or raises sectarian conflicts or attacks religious symbols or discusses any unethical aspects.
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