The Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs presents more than 250 books titles in the Baghdad International Fair..

The pavilion
Within the pavilions of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine participating in the Baghdad International Fair in its 42nd edition, the department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs is participating with a pavillion that contains more than 250 books titles in different intellectual, ideological, doctrinal and literary trends.
And according to Sayed. 'Aqeel Abd Al-Hussayn Al-Yassiri; the Vice Chairman of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine explained the following: "Participation in this fair is not sudden, but it is the result of continuous participations in this cultural forum, which is one of the windows through which we can communicate and learn from others' ideas and visions, contributing in the development of the intellectual horizons, and the department has prepared since a long time this pavilion to make it include many productions that were the focus of attention of the visitors, as these publications are product of the holy shrine, either in terms of authoring or the manuscipts' realisation. Noting that is exposed in our pavilion does not exist by others, following the approach of our depatments in each of its particpations, exhibiting publications that target all categories of Iraqi society and that suit everyone."
Adding that: "In addition to these productions, Al-Kafeel Center for Printing Services has also participated with printed photos and calligraphy motifs that have been printed in a beautiful artistic way on pieces of crystal, alabaster, stone and wall clocks in different shapes, sizes and designs. The Department of Internet has also participated by displaying the official website of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Alkafeel Global Network (, to let the visitors of the Fair to surf in its diversified sections and different pages (alkafeel, al baqi', Al-'Askariya shrine) and the Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Urdu and Turkish languages, which is one of the most important media, cultural and intellectual ways that the holy shrine uses to communicate with the outer world."
Sayed. Al-Yassiri explained: "For an academic communication, there was a participation using indexes of the electronic library contents of the Division of the Manuscripts' House and Library at the holy shrine, including more than 3000 CDs of tens of thousands of e-books, and more than 20000 Master's thesis and Doctorate collected in cooperation with Iraqi universities, as well as CDs of picturised books and educational, scientific and academic programs."
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