The Al-Abbas's (p) Combat Squad makes a special training about how to deal with bomb targets..

The academy of the Al-Abbas (p) Combat Squad established a special training session about how to deal with bomb targets sent by the criminal gangs of ISIL in the battlefields.
The academy of the squad explained: "This session came in order to develop the expertise of the fighters stationed on the fronts to know how to deal with the rocket launcher weapon (RPG), to treat all the fixed and moving targets in the fronts such as cars bombs and others."
Confirming: "The enemy after being defeated in front of our hero forces, tries to launch multiple attacks, most seriously the armored car bombs that are difficult to handle, and if -God forbid- they reach the fronts they would cause great impact. Therefore, the lessons of this session thanks to the acquired field experience of the trainers, focus on correct ways used to deal with such situations, and most importantly the position of archery, shooting angle and how to hit the target accurately."
Explaining: "In this session, the lessons were given to teach hoe to deal with the unexploded rockets and how to reduce their danger, as well as the improvised explosive devices."
It is to note that the academy of the Al-Abbas's (p) combat squad is one of the training institutions of the squad overseen by a dedicated and experiences staff, and many graduated from this academy between now and then, including specialized courses as required by the need of the Squad or the battles being waged.
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