The Department of Planning and Human Development holds a course about Windows system and fast printing to the employees of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine..

For uplifting the employees' level at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and to provide them with additional skills befitting with their assigned tasks and office duties especially in regard with the desktops and the softwares that have become important for any action of the departments of the holy shrine in the time of continuous expansion and development in this field.
During this session, the basic concepts of the desktop were discussed, such as the desktop components, its operating system, the windows system and how to turn off the desktop, as well as the instant printing, how to do it through the keyboard and how to print as many possible words in the shortest possible time.
The session lasted for seven days, by two hours per day, and it is part of a series of specialized courses according to a planning developed by the Department of planning and human development, working to target most of the employees of the holy shrine according to each of its departments.
It is worth mentioning that the planning and human development department has held since being introduced up to this day, many of the developmental courses for the employees of the holy shrine in various fields, in order to develop their skills and to improve their performance, according to a planning put annually under the supervision of specialist professors in the field of development and human resources from inside and outside the holy shrine.
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