The finishing touches to launch the largest online encyclopedia..

The Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs represented by the Division of Studies and Research (Unit of the online encyclopedia) is getting ready to launch the largest online encyclopedia on the World Wide web. It is a Web-site containing many meaningful scientific windows that provide objectively most of the scientific articles to help the researcher and the reader to find the information they are looking for. The idea, design and programming of the website is made by the servants of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) of the employees of the mentioned Division.
Mr. Badr Al-Ali the official of the Studies and Research Division explained to Al-Kafeel Global Network the following: "The creation idea of the online encyclopedia came from the search for an alternative website to social networking sites, which are divided to either communication or thought websites, and that are occupying the first ranks on the global positioning level, such as (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). And there is an Encyclopedia site such as Wikipedia that occupies the seventh position worldwide. And because Facebook allows some matters that are incompatible with orientations and visions of the religious institutions, we have decided to create a website with an international reputation that is characterized by the intellectual character similar to Wikipedia and the search engines such as google, to ease the search in it for various scientific, religious, Quranic and social fields."
Adding: "The idea was evolved after several months of research to launch the project, then we started to draw the website and put the preliminary designs that we changed many times in order to present a diversity in the browser. We have launched this project before more than a year and half and the main idea to make it a search engine that benefits the students of religious sciences and also academic sciences, as the website will provide archived informations. Most of the website sections are nearing completion and its opening is schedules in the holy month of Sha'ban."
Mr. Mohammed Abd Al-Saheb the official of the online encyclopedia unit, has added: "The chosen informations in the site are mainly the studies and the views of scientists and researchers inspired from the reference books in various scientific fields, to be a certified source in the statement of facts and religious, social and scientific knowledge, to supplement the researcher who is seeking the truth. So the website can be a reference in terms of the information, which will save time and effort for the researcher and the person browsing the website."
And for the sections of the online encyclopedia, they are as follow: The section of Islamic studies, the section of family and society and the section of human and scientific knowledge.
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