Sayed Al-Safi: Heritage House Foundation charted a successful plan to save the heritage of the ancestors.

"The Foundation of Heritage [Dar Turath] has charted a successful plan to save the heritage of the ancestors. either in this city or in other cities, and they were successful in saving this heritage, and I pray the Almighty God for more guidance and wisdom." These were the words of the High Responsible of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Sayed Ahmed Al-Safi, during his visit to the Heritage Foundation in the province of Najaf upon the invitation sent to his Eminence.
He was received by Sayed Hassan Moussawi Boroujerdi the Foundation President, Hajj 'Ala Al-A'sam the Foundation General manager and a number of the administrative and technical staff. The visit included a tour in the public heritage library, the museum, Calligraphy house, records Division and others. As well as the projects of the electronic indexing and the handwritten documents owned by the organization, which represent a very important heritage in the Islamic region. The meeting was focused on the importance of preserving, publishing and documenting the heritage in general and the Islamic heritage in particular.
At the end of the visit, the Foundation has offered to Sayed Al-Safi some heritage publications, including the scientific publications of the World Conference about Wahid Al-Behbehani, as well as the the publication of treasures from the series of manuscript heritage revival, represented by the original copy stimulating the book of the Peak of Eloquence using the line of Yacout [Sapphire] al-Musta'simi.
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