Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital provides an anti-snake venom serum for free.

Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has announced providing an anti-snake venom serums with high efficiency, as a result of the proliferation of many cases of snakebite led to the death of the victim because of the lack of these serums in the government hospitals.

The General Director of the Hospital; Dr, Haydar Al-Bahadli has explained the following: "This step comes in order to contribute to the protecting human lives from the snakebites spread recently in a number of the Iraqi provinces, and as a precautionary measure to tackle any case that may occur - God forbids - in the province of Karbala."

He added: This serum is given for free by medical prescription, whether in Al-Kafeel Hospital or elsewhere. This serum has also the advantage of the length of its validity period, and can treat all types of snakebites."

It is to mention that since the opening of the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital, has conducted many quality surgical procedures under the supervision of international and local medical staffs specialized in various disciplines, as well as providing therapeutic and pharmaceutical services.

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