The Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad has destroyed one of the stronghold of ISIL in Mosul, causing them losses in lives and equipment.

One of the officials of the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad, which forces is located currently in one of the operations district in Mosul within the operations of "We are Coming, Nineveh" has announced that the heroes of the squad in a proactive and surprising attack, were able to destroy one of the strongholds of the terrorist ISIL gangs, which they used as a point of execution of their attacks on the troops stationed in that region.

Our source has added that the squad's forces were able in a record time to make a progress that is estimated of more than three kilometres and have secured it fully after flattening the nests of ISIL gangs and taking control of their equipment and weapons, as well as many loss in lives from their sides. There was a desperate attempt of these gangs by sending a car filled with large quantities of explosive materials in order to destabilize the attack, but the heroes of the squad have blew it up before it reaches its target.

With this victory, the squad has provided a safe area for the forces located there.
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