Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital brings a safe and effective treatment for thyroid tumors.

Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has announced its possibility to treat thyroid diseases and tumors, especially the malignant ones (thyroid cancer), using a radioactive iodine in the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from thyroid diseases. It is a safe treatment that does not cause allergic reactions and is given orally in the form of pills or liquid, and has proven its success internationally in treating most cases of these diseases and it is a preferred treatment on the surgery, and tests have confirmed that the patients treated by this substance are recovering in a maximum of three months.

Dr. Mohamed Saadoun al-Shammaa, Doctor specialist in nuclear medicine at the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital has explained: "Within the curriculum adopted by al-Kafeel Hospital is to keep pace with the development in the medical side, whether in regards to the medical equipment and devices or the expertise of the staff or the treatments, including this treatment that is complementary to the Gamma Camera device that has been brought to the hospital, and that this treatment of radioactive Iodine can also be used with larger dose for the patients with excessive thyroid secretion, and we can give them certain therapeutic doses and follow their cases by our medical teams."

And confirming that: "The radioactive iodine pills given to the patients infected by this diseases are safer and the response to the treatment is within three to six months, and that the recurrence rate of the disease to patients treated with radioactive iodine compared to surgery is very small. Noting that this treatment is given in the hospital and not at home."

For inquiries and to see the services provided by the hospital, please visit the official hospital website ( or call the following numbers: (07602344444) or (07602329999).
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