The closing ceremony of research sessions of the al-'Ameed conference, and researchers confirm that what has been put forward to the level of global scientific research.

The research sessions of the fourth al-'Ameed international conference were concluded on Friday the 23rd of Dhu al-Hijjah 1438 AH corresponding to the September 15, 2017 in the Hall of Imam al-Hassan (peace be upon him). This closing session focused on information and cultural security, globalization and cultural security, identity and cultural security. The sessions was managed by Dr. Karim al-Mas'oudi from the University of al-Qadisiyah and Dr. Laith Qabil 'Obeid as Rapporteur of the session.

The first researcher at this session was Dr. Qassim al-Sheikh Belhaj from Algeria, whose research was entitled "Dialectic of Cultural Security and the Identity of the Homeland, Challenge and Response". The researcher focused on the preservation of the identity of the nations and how the Arab and Islamic peoples to secure their cultural security and maintain it in its various dimensions.

The second research title "Information Revolution and Civilizational Security, Sociological Reading in the value System" was presented by the researchers Dr. Ahmad Abd al-Redha al-Hassani and Dr. Walid Abd al-Khafaji of Wasit University. The research focuses on cultural pollution or cultural invasion of Arab and Islamic peoples living in a state of dissociation and breakdown. The research focused on the most important drawbacks of this culture and highlighted internal and external factors and then came to treatment.

The third research was under the title "Identity as a Fort and Reference" by the researcher Dr. Ali Hassan Hadhili from Dhi Qar University, who focused on the identity of the citizen and the relation of the human being with its identity, considering that each person has an identity and a reference that he cherishes.

The conclusion of the third research session was held by Dr. Ali Sabeeh al-Tamimi, whose research was titled "Cultural Security between National Identity and Religious Belief". The researcher focused on the relationship of identity and religious affiliation of the peoples.

On the other hand, within the same axis, there was another research session in English held at the hall of Imam al-Qasim (peace be upon him), included the introduction of 6 research of researchers from India and Iran in addition to Iraq.

At the conclusion of their participation, the researchers stressed that what was presented during this edition of the conference has risen to the level of global scientific research, and it has been characterized by objectivity and modernity of the proposal as well as diversity, whether of the participants or the attendance, hoping that subsequent editions will be complementary to this edition and the previous editions at the level of success and advancement scientific research.

The session included many interventions by the attendees with constructive opinions and ideas. The researchers, in turn, explained what needs to be clarified.
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