Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad controls the Riyadh area and begins its cleaning operations.

With the support of the Air Force, the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad: Brigade 26 was able to liberate the Riyadh area in the south-east of al-Huwayja from the clutches of ISIL terrorist gangs, as part of the operations of "we are coming, O Huwayja" in its second phase of the operations. And its forces have started cleaning this area from the IEDs and the remnants of the criminal ISIL gangs.

On the other hand, other forces of the Squad together with the brigade 16 of the Turkman crowd, managed to liberate the villages of: Sami al-'Asi, al-Sadah, Tallat Jool, Hmeyra al-Saghirah, Hmeyra al-Kabirah, Yarghun al-'ulya, Yarghun al-Sufla, and Majbal.
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