After they completed performing the ritual of Arba'een, the visitors began to leave Karbala.

The city of Karbala, which witnessed a spiritual Hussayni atmosphere lasted for more than a week because of the crowds of visitors whose numbers reached millions, and who seemed to flow from heaven to the paradise of God on earth; Karbala, and after reaching its peak in the past two days, the crowds of visitors drawn a magnificent Hussayni condolence image while performing the Ziyarat rituals. Today, they are leaving the city, with the feelings of sadness as they are already missing the shrines of the master of martyrs and his brother his standard-bearer (peace be upon both of them).

As the masses of the visitors moved to the outer squares where are parked the busses that going to take them back to their areas and Karbala behind them is waving to them to bid them farewell, wishing them to be back safe and sound.

As after days filled with prayers, supplications and tears of condolence, the streets of Karbala seemed as if the momentum that had taken over the shoulders was fading from the face of the streets, and the city was free of visitors from the Iraqi provinces, except for delegations coming from behind the border that stay for few more days.

The road of the visitors, which pavement were packed with the series of processions, became like a chain with separated rings after that some processions packed up and returned to their cities, so was the scene of the city on Friday evening after the commemoration of the Ziyarat Arba'een.

Thus, peace be upon al-Hussayn, upon Ali son of al-Hussayn, upon the children of al-Hussayn and upon the companions of al-Hussayn.
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