In pictures: People of Karbala extend their condolences to the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) on the martyrdom anniversary of the Holy Prophet (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household).

The unified procession of the people of Karbala went to the holy city of Najaf on Friday evening 27th of Safar 1439 AH corresponding to the November 17, 2017, to commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Holy Prophet Mohammad (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household) and to extend their condolences to his brothers and successor; the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) and to renew the Covenant with him by drawing lessons from the biography of the Holy Messenger.

A mourning council was held in the holy shrine of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) including a number of poems and elegies describing the depth of the tragedy, participating with the mourning gatherings with the words of sorrow and expressions of sadness extending the condolences to the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them). And while walking, the participants in this procession chanted Hussayni slogans that embodied the depth of grief at this anniversary.

It is noteworthy that his condolence procession is an annual tradition held by the people of Karbala to commemorate the events of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them), which is a procession consisting of elite of Hussayni processions in the holy city of Karbala, in addition to a group of people of the province.
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