For the first time at the level of maintenance of medical devices remotely in Iraq: The Communications' Division at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine completed a network control and maintenance of medical devices of the al-Kafeel Hospital.

The Communications Division at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, in cooperation with Global General Electric Company and the Information Technology Unit at the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital, has set up the design and execution of an information network for the maintenance of the important medical devices of the hospital, by its technical and engineering staff working at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, who did not want the help of foreign expertise in order to succeed this project, and were able to use their expertise in this field in order to make this achievement that is executed for the first time at the medical level in Iraq, through which the hospital will manage to maintain its devices and equipment remotely by the experts f the manufacturing company without having to bring them to the hospital in case of any malfunction, which will ensure their continuous operationality, and providing services to patients without interruption.

The head of the Communications' Division at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine and the supervisor of this project; Engineer Feras Abbas Hamza has stated: "The main objective of this projects is to provide maintenance services for the medical devices in a safe, fast and efficient manner, The medical, diagnostic and therapeutic devices are maintained in accordance with the international standards, as the hospital devices are of global origins, it facilitated the task in dealing with their manufacturing companies."

He added: "The System of the control and maintenance network of the specialized medical devices in the hospital such as the CT (Computer tomography scan), MRI (Magnetic resonance Imaging), radioisotope (gamma camera), ultrasound (Sonography), X-ray, catheter, nuclear medicine scan and other devices, which were directly linked to the General Electric Company installing these devices through its executors in USA and France, through the Internet of the al-Kafeel Hospital. This network is completed separated from Internet network of the hospital for security protection purpose. The highest techniques of encryption technology were used to connect it with the world, using IPSEC, which a technology that used for the first time in Iraq as it is highly protected."

Engineer Feras explained that: "Through this system , the expert of the company can access and maintain the device remotely if there is a malfunction, in addition to the possibility of implementing preventive maintenance programs through which the calibration, examination and repair of medical devices are executed, in accordance with the specifications set by the manufacturer, and if there is any signs of a malfunction in any part of the device in the future, the spare parts will be sent before its malfunction, which will ensure the continuity of these devices."
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