As part of its efforts to improve the agricultural sector in the country: al-Joud Company for modern agriculture technology produces fertilizer

As part of its endeavor to provide the best agricultural products needed by the Iraqi farms and in accordance with the climatic conditions of the country and the nature of the different agricultural soil from one region to another, Al-Joud Company for modern agriculture technology of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine produces plant fertilizers, including the product of "Dap al-Taj liquid" fertilizer.

This product is part of the fertilizer family produced by the company with a global standard and is supported by field and laboratory experiments. It contains a high concentration of phosphorus and nitrogen suitable for fertilizing field crops, green fodder, vegetables and fruit trees.

What distinguishes this product from others in the markets is to work in multiple environmental and climatic conditions, and low pH, which makes it have the function of correcting the acidity of irrigation and sprinkling water, in addition to its important role in the liberalization of the disabled nutrients in the agricultural soil and ease the absorption by the leaves and roots and raise yields crops.

The product is one of the products of the Joud company that is subject to tests continuously by the staff working in the laboratories of the company to ensure the protection of crops and improve it from time to time in a suitable manner, as it was made specifically for vegetables protected in green houses, vegetables in open field crops and green fodder according plant requirements.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Joud Company works in various production lines in the field of agriculture and industry of different fertilizers, pesticides, detergents and other industries.
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