Al-Kafeel Omnnea Company opens its doors to students' scientific trips and confirms that its doors are open to all students groups.

Eng. Aref al-Bahash receiving the students
Al-Kafeel Omnnea Company prepared a plan in order to receive the scientific trips of students for all stages, from the elementary to the university level, as it receives from time to time scientific school trips in order to get acquainted with the work of this company, which has set a large part of its time for the success of this entertaining program, which contributes to the development of mental abilities of students. And recently, it received a scientific trip for students of the gifted [Mawhoobin] school in Najaf.

Executive Director of the company, Eng. Arif al-Bahash, urged in his speech the students to do more to achieve the success that they aim and urge their families to do the same in order to serve this country, which they will be its future leaders.

The visit included a tour of the company's corridors and an overview of the work assigned to it. The students were allowed to ask questions to the employees.

The management of the company renewed its invitation to all scientific and academic bodies to visit the company and view its work mechanism as a leading Iraqi company in the field of communication. Stating that its doors are open to all student groups.

It is to note that the company's CEO, Mr. Aref Bahash, explained in a previous statement: "The Company is seeking serious and confident steps to provide communication services that meet the aspirations of the clients who have placed their trust in it. It is working hard under the guidance of the General Secretariat of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and its Senior Official eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi, to remain alongside the citizen by maintaining prices and not to burden the citizen with fees imposed on companies, including our company."
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