The national project of the Prince of Readers launches its training workshops.

Within its third season in the spring semester, the Qur'anic Projects Center at the Holy Quran Institute of the Islamic and Human Knowledge Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine launched the training workshops for the Prince of Readers National Project with the participation of more than 50 children from various Iraqi provinces.

In this regard, the project's executive director, Laith al-Obeidi, said: "The third spring period, which is part of the third season of the Prince of Readers National Project, is a project that nurtures and prepares the gifted young readers in Iraq, and which was prepared within a short and perfect period within a scientific and technical study. The Quranic projects Center received during the spring break more than 50 students participating in the project from 5 schools: (Sheikh Abdul Basit Mohammed Abdul Samad School, Sheikh Mohammed Siddiq Al Manshawi School, Sheikh Shehhat Mohammed Anwar School, Hafiz Khalil Ismail School, and the school of the second phase including Sheikh Al-Shaasha'i School, Mustapha Ismail School, Sheikh Mahmoud Ali Al-Banna School and other schools.) The course will include supplementary classes for students and a forum for students and their teachers, which will be divided in 6 divisions into two different stages."

It is worth mentioning that this project is one of the pioneer Quranic projects sponsored by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and held under the supervision of qualified teachers from inside and outside Iraq in order to create a distinguished Quranic generation that will continue the Quranic march in steady steps, and to prepare talented youth for the recitation on a modern system within technical study on an ideal and short period. This project teaches the students of elementary and middle schools in various Iraqi provinces by taking advantage of summer vacation in order to prepare a large group of young readers to reach a good level of recitation in almost two months as a first stage of this project.
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