Al-Joud Company for Modern Agricultural and Industrial Technology organizes a scientific conference on increasing wheat production.

Al-Joud Company for Modern Agricultural and Industrial Technology affiliated to the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine organized within its cultural and scientific activities a scientific conference on the modern scientific methods and mechanisms used to increase yield of wheat production at the Agricultural Guidance Center in Dhi Qar Province.

The conference, which was held under the slogan: "Combining efforts is a basic way to raise agricultural production," witnessed the presence of a large number of farmers in the province as well as interested in this matter, researchers, and representatives of the Directorate of Agriculture in Dhi Qar and the representative of the United Nations in the province.

During this conference, several topics were discussed:

  1. Correct methods of fertilization under changing environmental conditions in Iraq.
  2. Rationalizing the use of water in light of the current crisis in the country.
  3. Optimal use of fertilizers increases production, reduces cost and exceeds water scarcity.

4 - Explanation of the summary of the comparative experience of the al-Joud Company carried out on a number of fields in different regions.

5 - Practical methods using the company's products to overcome the problems of salinity in the soil and water irrigation.

6 - How to increase production and low cost through the use of quality products.

The conference also witnessed a number of interventions and discussions of the main problems facing the agricultural sector, in addition to understandings with the representative of the United Nations in the province in order to open prospects for cooperation in the agricultural field.

At the end of the conference, a number of models of the company were distributed to some farmers to conduct experiments on their fields under the supervision of a number of specialists and evaluate the results.

It is noteworthy that Al-Joud Company for modern agricultural and industrial technology has developed a scientific plan based on several experiments that proved successful and achieved good results through the abundance of field crops production and quality improvement. The company has taken many steps to introduce this scientific vision and make it available to farmers, In order to expand the scope of application, through the production of organic fertilizers and pesticides meet the desire of the Iraqi farmer and achieve his ambition, and in order to publicize this vision, the company has adopted several workshops with farmers, including organizing seminars and conferences.
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