Faculty of Dentistry at the al-'Ameed University organizes a scientific symposium on modern methods of higher education.

The Faculty of Dentistry at the al-'Ameed University of the Department of Education and Higher Education at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine organized a scientific symposium entitled "Modern Methods of Higher Education" that was attended by academics from universities inside and outside Iraq as well as students of the College.

The symposium, hosted by the Central Hall of the College, is the first of its scientific seminars, which aims to improve the educational and scientific level of the College and work to keep abreast of the developments in this field.

The symposium, according to the lecturer at the University of Sydney, Australia, Dr. Bassem Al-Ansari, said: "I have addressed the advanced teaching methods in higher education and the integrated approach adopted by the university like other international universities, as well as develop the scientific skills of students and stimulate their mental abilities by giving scientific advice to teachers or students alike ".

He added: "The al-'Ameed University, in all its faculties, has placed in its agenda scientific activities, including the establishment of seminars and conferences that seek to develop the methods and capabilities of scientific and practical teaching staff of all types and specialties, which will reflect positively on the standards of academic performance, quality standards and scientific discipline to be at the forefront of universities locally and internationally".

It is noteworthy that the al-'Ameed University is one of the most important educational institutions of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, and it has opened the first Faculty of Medicine at the level of private medicine, applying a curriculum of global education, and in order to strengthen it and develop it up to the scientific higher level, it establishes, from time to time, conferences, lectures and seminars, and other activities.
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