Advanced Stages in the Project of Installing Glass Tents

Top View of the Project
Top View of the Project
Technical and Engineering staffs working in the project of expanding Al Abbas Holy Shrine by roofing its courtyard achieve advanced stages of installing the glass tents on the open areas of the roof of the holy shrine. This was declared to Alkafeel net by Eng. Dia Majeed, director of the Ardul Qudus Co.
Explaining: in a short period of time, 32 glass tents have been installed, and 5 tents left. The process needs focus and concentration including installing the structures of the tents and then covering them with the glass and in addition to covering the small domes at the Qibla gate of the holy shrine.

About the specifications and features of the structures, Eng. Dia clarified: the structures of the tents consist of iron bridges (10 × 7.5 mm) of good quality that resists heat and humidity fitting the weather of Iraq. It is set on the form of a tent with square base of (6x6m) and 1m height. The number of all these tents is 37 ones with the same shape and size.

About the glass used, he explained: each sheet of glass consists of five layers, 3.8 cm the thickness of each, including a layer of gelatin to prevent breaking with a color as water to prevent the sunshine, and to add beauty to the roof of the holy shrine.

He continued: these pieces of glass are easy to install and light in weight and also resists to get broken, resistant for all the weather impacts, isolating heat and sound, each tent weigh 3.5 tons with its glass.

It is worth mentioning that the producing company is the PMb Malaysian Co. one of the companies that have great experience in producing glass for such projects around the globe.

It is mentioned that the deside of the project has been done by the same mentioned Iraqi company, it carries out all the works of building, and also the works of tiles and many other works, many other Iraqi companies works on other projects in terms of air conditioning, telecommunications, electricity and other works.

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