The Preparatory Committee of the Festival of the Spirit of Prophethood: We lived beautiful days in the commemoration of the birth anniversary of Lady Fatima az-Zahra (peace be upon her).

The head of the preparatory Committee of the Second Annual International Cultural Festival of the Spirit of Prophethood, Mrs Boshra Jabbar Baden stated at the end of one of its activities: "The land of Karbala, the land of sacrifice and redemption, has been honored in its last three days to host the events of the Second Spirit of Prophethood Festival, one year after the launch of its first edition, which has been a success that we hope will be counted by Allah and by the immaculate venerable Lady Fatima (peace be upon her) for those who are in charge, and all praise to God we had the success to hold it another time on this holy land, which was purified and sanctified by the blood of the Master of the martyrs (peace be upon him), we lived with Lady Fatima az-Zahra (peace be upon her) beautiful days within the celebrations of her birth anniversary that were like gardens hanging on the forehead of time."

The first garden was the honoring celebration of the martyrs and their families, those who made with their blood and the tears of their families the victory over the forces of misguidance. They protected the holy places and preserved the sanctities, and this celebration is but one of the fruits of their sacrifice. Then we saw an artistic exhibition of Arabic calligraphy, painting and handcrafts made by the al-Kafeel girls, in order to be a permanent milestone expressing the depth of this sacrifice of Lady Fatima (peace be upon her) with the renaissance of the victory of the right and its people and reject the falsehood and its people and to interrupt the deviation from reaching the message of the Master of the Apostles and the noblest elite of his sons. This garden also included recitation of the Holy Quran verses in the Quranic evening.

The second garden was the scientific session where the abstracts of research and studies were read in harmony with the slogan of the festival for this year. It included important acceptable scientific efforts to participate in the work of the annual Fatimi Forum, it was really a line of light immortalized by the days as a witness to time and a reminder to he who wanted to take a path to his Lord.

The third garden: where the feelings of loyalty were organized on the land of Karbala to be balanced with love and loyalty in a session in which beautiful poetry was read mixed with feelings and rhymes that were baptized with the water of life recited by the poets to show their wreaths of love and respect for Lady Fatima, her father, her husband and sons and protecting the entrusted secret in her.".

She concluded by saying: "The work of this festival is close by bowing in front of the tomb of our Master Aba al-Fadl, peace be upon him, to thank him for the care, so that this day will be the starting point for our next encounter, God willing, and we are proud of the sacrifices of heroes from the sons of az-Zahra, who answered the call and sacrificed themselves to raise high the flag of Islam, and thus they were its pillar and its title of glory until the emergence of the right to authorize the right state."
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