The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine participates with Dhi Qar University in its celebration of the birth anniversary of Lady Fatima az-Zahra (peace be upon her).

For the seventh year in a row, in commemoration of the birth anniversary of the Lady Fatima az-Zahra (peace be upon her), the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine represented by the Division of the University Relations and in collaboration with the University of Dhi Qar, held a cultural festival to celebrate this wonderful anniversary in the central of the University in the presence of a large group of university professors and students, As well as a delegation representing the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine headed by the Deputy Secretary-General of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, Engineer Bashir Mohammed Jassim al-Rabi'i.

The festival, which falls within the activities of the al-Kafeel national project for youth, included a number of parts, after reciting the verses of the Holy Quran and listening to the national anthem and the anthem of the holy shrine and reading the Surat Al-Fatihah in memory of the martyrs of Iraq, there was a word of the University President; Dr. Riyadh Shantal, in which he stated: "We are honored by this interaction and joint action with the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine. These are the fruits of many meetings that fall within the openness of the holy shrine to the academic and educational institutions, including our university, in a cooperative path, and in diversified cultural, scientific, religious and other fields. And today, we celebrate the birth anniversary of Lady az-Zahra (peace be upon her), as she was born and the light was born with her..."

This was followed by a speech to the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine delivered by the Deputy Secretary-General Engineer Bashir Mohammed Jassim Al-Rabi'i, who started it by offering congratulations on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the Lady of the World's Women Fatima az-Zahra (peace be upon her), noting that: "The presence of az-Zahra (peace be upon her) is a light that enters the heart, which a mercy as her light is part from the light of God, and this is the true grace when the light of az-Zahra reaches the heart of the person and the ultimate guidance. And "the best of hearts are the more conscious" i.e hearts that are conscious of the love of Ahl al-Bayt and the optimal model; Lady az-Zahra (peace be upon her). And he whose heart is filled with faith and the love of az-Zahra and hr sons, will be covered by the divine care ".

He continued: "The status of az-Zahra (peace be upon her) is a lofty one. And the Messenger of Allah (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household) has spoken about it in many occasions to show the position and status of az-Zahra, but despite all of this, she suffered enormously in her short life, and was martyred oppressed and anguished, and she even recommended to her cousin and husband Imam Ali: " O cousin, When I die, bury me secretly at night." in a clear declaration of great oppression. "

He concluded: "The life of az-Zahra (peace be upon her), its actions and its words must be reflected on our lives, as we need to follow her and apply her approach. Love is required and the revival of her matter is required, but love must be identical with the action. So you have to benefit from these events as much as you can".

After that, there was a poetry participation by Professor Ali Hussein Al-Zaidi and a research participation by Dr. Adnan Maleh Saget entitled "Fatima az-Zahra in the narrations of the holy Sirah", followed by a poetry contribution by the poet Haider Khashan and another by the poet Hassan Zerkani. Then prizes were distributed to the winners of the competition of Fatima az-Zahra (Peace be upon her).

The festival included many events that embody the noble and vital role of the Immaculate lady Fatima (peace be upon her), as well as the establishment of an exhibition of books and paintings and an exhibition of photographs that highlight the history of the holy city of Karbala since its inception, and the distribution of shields and certificates of appreciation to participants in the festival.
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