Alongside the Activities of the Festival: Guests of the Festival to Meet the Secretary General

A meeting held Tuesday 5 Shaban 1433 – Jun. 26, 2012 alongside the activities of the third day of the festival on the guests hall in AL Abbas Holy Shrine between the guests of the festival and the Secretary General Sayed Ahmed ALSafi who started the meeting with a word of welcome to the guests. And he also pointed out the difference among the presence in the festival but they are united by their humanity.

He also spoke about the uprising of Imam Hussein AS and what it presents to all the religions of lessons of freedom and how to behave and treat others.

He also apologized on behave of the Two Holy Shrines about anything that hasn’t been done perfectly. The meeting witnessed also some words by the guests expressing their thankfulness and gratitude to the Two Holy Shrines for launching such a great festival presenting many suggestions that can improve the festival.

The delegations showed their admiration of the festival and how it is organized and also of the development in all the fields engaged by AL Abbas Holy Shrine.

It is mentioned that the expansion project is the first of its kind since 6 centuries. It is designed and executed by (Ard Al Quds Co.) an Iraqi company in Karbala, and supervised by the department of Engineering Projects in Al Abbas Holy Shrine.
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