The Activities of The Fourth Day

First of all, women meeting:
The place was in Dar al Elem Hall in la Abbas holy shrine.
At 9 am.

Second, third meeting about researches.
At Khatem al Anbya Hall at 4:30 pm.
1- Sayed Ali al Shuhrstani.
2- Sheik Dya Zain al Deen.
3- Sayed Mohammed Tahir al Jazary.
4- Sheik Ghezwan al Kuzaee.

Thirdly, literary meeting;
Many poets and writers attend as well as writers union of Karbala.
The place is the Hall of Asharq al Awsat rest.
At 8:30 pm.

As well as Quran meeting in al Hussein holy shrine at 8:30 pm.
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