Opening Cultural Security Annual Festival IV in Diwaniya in Cooperation with Alawi, Husseini and Abbasiaya Holy Shrine

Opening Ceremony
Cultural Security festival IV was held in Diwaniya on 18 Sha’ban 1433 – Jul. 9, 2012 on the hall of the Islamic university in the anniversary of the birthday of Imam Mahdi, our Messiah (May God hasten his reappearance). The festival lasts for four days launched by the Imam Sadiq cultural body sponsored by the representative of the religious authority in Diwaniya.

The festival includes some researches about the Mahdi issue and 3 galleries of books, paintings and others like flowers.

The festival was attended by the representatives of the religious leaders in the city.
The festival is held in cooperation with the Imam Ali, Imam Hussein and Al Abbas holy Shrines. It was attended by the Secretary General of Imam Ali Holy Shrine, and a delegation from the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein AS and also a delegation of the administration of Al Abbas Holy Shrine.

The inauguration ceremony, broadcasted by Karbala Satellite Channel, included a recitation of some verses of the Holy Quran by Usama Karbalai, and reciting the Fatiha on the spirits of the Martyrs of Iraq, then the statement of the sponsor of the festival.

Al Abbas holy shrine participated via showing many technical and intellectual and plants products of the holy shrine represented by the divisions of Media, Intellectual and Cultural Affairs and Agriculture division.
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