The Life of Abu al Fadl al Abbas in a Competition

The shared booth of the holy shrine in Tehran holy Quran meeting establishes a daily intellectual meeting about the life of Abu al fadl al Abbas.

The chairman of booth Jasam al Saeedy announced "The aim of the meeting is showing people the great role of al Abbas, AS, as well as the advanced levels that the holy shrine reached. There are ten awards for the daily questions. These presents provided for the top ten winners, and if there are more than ten true answers, we depend on lottery. More than 900 participators shared the competition".

Explained "We provide the questions after the opening of the fair, and receive answers before the close of the fair where we do lottery. Many people shared , so additional five awards provided".

It is well to be mentioned that the holy shrine of Abu al Fadl al Abbas shares many religious and cultural meetings inside and outside of Iraq.
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