Iranian Minster of Defense Appreciates Participation of The Holy Shrine

The Minister
Minister of defense in Iran, Ahmad Wahidi, visited the booth of al Abbas holy shrine in Tehran holy Quran fair. Sayed Hassan al Tayb al Husseini, chairman of Hawza section in the fair and many army associates took a tour in Hawza section and the holy shrine booth where they gained information about the activities of the participated booth; visit on behalf and intellectual competition; moreover information about the holy shrine of Abu al Fadl al Abbas.

Wahidi stated that the holy shrine reached great levels especially after the fall of the former regime of Saddam. He asked the staff of the holy shrine to do more and more to be always in the top level.

He wrote in honor notebook "To mention Abu al Fadl al Abbas and the followers in his holy shrine one remembers the sample of martyrs and title of brotherhood and friendship. I thank Allah to provide me the blessing to visit this holy section. My appreciation to the holy shrine associates who provide especial perfume to the fair as a whole".

It is well to be mentioned that the holy shrine shares many meeting and festival inside Iraq as well as outside.
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