The external host of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy shrine serves more than 250.000 visitors daily and the number is increasing.

The external host of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy shrine, located on the road Najaf-Karbala, serves more than 250.000 visitors daily and the number is increasing as we approach the day of the Ziyarat. The services varied between food, drink, accommodation, medical and treatment services, religious guidance and other services that are provided around the clock.

The host complex, thanks to its location and its link to the name of the master of generosity and goodness; Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), has become one of the most important stations of visitors, and one of the landmarks in the way of the visitors.

The supervisor of the host complex; Haj Jawad al-Hasnawi has informed us about the services provided in this service complex: "The services presented in the host varied for the visitors, men or women, and there are halls to accommodate men and other for women. All of which is managed by a staff that equipped them fully and furnished them with all comfort amenities."

Adding: "Three diversified meals of high nutritional value are distributed daily (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in addition to small meals such as cakes, fruits, soups and fast food in addition to the distribution of tea and water on a continuous basis."

Al-Hasnawi explained: "The host complex is provided by sanitary complexes for men and women, as well as a medical detachment opened in cooperation with the Karbala Health Department to provide medical and treatment services. There is also a Center to guide the lost and missing persons and a station of religious guidance and another to teach the correct reading of the holy Quran."

Adding: "The host complex is equipped with three stoneware and electric ovens to produce "Samoon [Iraqi bread]" and another to produce bread. An additional outside area was prepared for the visitors to rest, furnished with chairs and carpets."

Al-Hasnawi continued: "Great efforts are harnessed to provide these services by the employees of the host, in addition to the staff of other departments such as the Departments of vehicles, Engineering Projects, Maintaining Order and Relations. Their number was also reinforced by volunteers who play a major role in providing these services, either for women or for men, each separately."

He appointed: "The work in the host complex is as a beehive in the multiple service circles that complement each other, starting from 3 am until late at night, when the visitors stop walking."
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