Progress in the Project of Building Shopping Center of AL Abbas Holy Shrine

Work is continuing in the poject of building the shopping center of the Holy Shrine. After finishing the first stage of the building, of designing the building, the entrusted company started working on the structure of the project, which is divided into two parts, one of the shopping, and another for storing, this as declared by the head of the department of engineering projects in Al Abbas Holy Shrine Mr. Dia Majeed Al Saegh.

After this stage, a delegation of the holy shrine has been sent to Turkey to choose the materials for the project of electrics, floors, accessories and decorations and others. The delegation consisted of the member of the administrative council, Mr. Talal Al Beer and the head of the department of engineering projects and agreements have been done with some companies.

Al Saegh continued, the tour of the delegation in Turkey included visiting the factory providing the structure to watch achieved work of the project, and found that 30 – 40 % has been achieved. The first charge will be sent next week. The period of manufacturing and installing the iron structure is 120 days.

Adding: about the concrete structure of the building, about 90% has been achieved in a short period of time, after the Eid Al Fitr, and it will be achieved 100% God willing.

It is worthmentioning that the Holy Shrine started to expand this project after the success that achieved by the Afaf shopping center which is visited by most of families in Karbala and the other cities.
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