Flooring the courtyard of Abul Fadl Al Abbas AS with New Carpets

New Carpets
In the framework of its continuous work, and to offer the best services to the visitors and to make the holy courtyard look better, all the old carpets have been replaced by new ones. This was declared to Alkafeel net by the head of the department of care of the holy shrine Hajj Qasim Al Awad.

Adding: a special team has been formed from inside the holy shinre to choose the best of the carpets after visiting many factories in Iran. The team agreed to bring the carpets from the Bab Chal factory that has great experience in this field.

Hajj Qasim explained: the first portion have been floored which consists of 340 carpets 2-3 meters each which cover about 6000 square meters to be followed by the next ones, and of the same quality which will include the whole courtyard with the expansion.

Concerning the colour and patterns he explained: the colour will be red because it is well known in the carpets, the patterns was chosen by the committee to be of the Islamic inscriptions.

It is mentioned that the department of care is in a state of readiness therefore; it is the responsible for flooring all the courtyard of the holy shrine to provide a larger place for the visitors.
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