Last chapter of the book series (guide of debates) issued by the Media department of EL-Abbas holy shrine.

book series
“The last chapter of the book series (guide of debates) issued by the studies unit in the intellectual and cultural affairs department of EL-Abbas holy shrine. The above mentioned unit has started issuing this series since 2009”, said Mr. Ali EL-Khabbaz, the in charge of media department.

He said further; “for the need of our young and kids to the sources of the proper, original and fiducial knowledge to build the sound creed which suffered from oppression; because of the hard conditions, oppression and tyranny the generations had gone through many years ago” it became hard to obtain the sources of the proper ideological knowledge. Launching from the responsibilities that the intellectual and cultural affairs department is held responsible for, the studies unit in the media department has issued (guide of debates) series in which verses of Quran, prophetic speeches and narrations had been chosen from the most dependable and proper books for Sunni people in order to signify the moral topics and reply to the suspicious which come up from the other side with mentioning the source of the speech and the page number the speech is found on, in addition to referring to the margin and explanation of the word meaning”.

Also, he said further; “some of the topics this series deals with are: 1. mentioning the guardianship of the Prince of Believers Ali, son of Abi Talib (p.b.u.h) in Quran and the books. 2. Mentioning the judgment of cursing according to Quran and jurisprudence books. 3. Mentioning the Imamate of the twelve infallible Imams in Quran and jurisprudence books. 4. Mentioning Imam EL-Mehdi (May Allah near his deliverance) and the concealment in Quran and jurisprudence books. 5. Mentioning the truth of the companions of the prophet in Quran and jurisprudence books. 6. Mentioning the heresy about the temporary marriage. 7. The heresy about Al - Tarawih Prayers and the omission of (Make haste towards the best thing) sentence. 8. Mentioning supplication and appeal for help in the jurisprudence books. 9. The acquittance from the enemy of Allah in Quran and jurisprudence books. 10. Prostration in prayer and on what it is valid such as what plants the earth produces. 11. The denial of seeing Allah in Quran, jurisprudence books and intellect. 12. The origin of Shiite people and becoming Shiite.”

He also mentioned that “this series can’t be considered as a core document, but it helps and assists the debater when he is asked a question or paradox he might not be ready for it during the debate. So he can use the series to easily obtain the required evidence In due course, we hope that this series would be hand to the debater during the debate in order to near all the sects of Islam through an honest debate and scientific and constructive research aims at clarifying the features of the truth and find out the actuality as much as possible to eliminate the illusion, dispel the concealments of the dissension and get rid of discrimination which has been brought up by the hostile parties of Islam”.

It is mentioned that the EL-Abbas holy shrine has gotten back to its role of promulgate culture and intellect of the prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h) after 9-4-2003. It’s been stopped for two centuries after it had been the place for the whole world to learn from, in addition to teaching these sciences, the intellectual and cultural affairs department of EL-Abbas holy shrine started writing books and booklets and seeking to ascertain of the manuscripts, in addition to producing video and audio movies about and episodes cultural and spread them online rather than offering geometrical services for the holy shrine and organizational services for the religious processions.
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