The communications division at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine starts installing the security surveillance cameras for the al-Abbas's (p) residential complex.

The Communication Division at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has finished recently from installing all security surveillance cameras for Al Abbas Residential Complex in order to complete the necessary security monitoring procedures followed in all the institutions and facilities of the Holy Shrine.

According to the official of the Communications Division, Engineer Firas Abbas Hamza: "The project included the installation of an integrated monitoring system consisting of approximately (65) cameras with special specifications for each section of the complex, to fully secure it."

He added: "The stages of the work included the wiring of the system - a wire mesh system - by installing and covering it with a cover called Tri Cable to show the wires on a regular basis. Then, we installed the cameras in the allocated places and on the required direction. Followed by the stage of installing the control system of these cameras; recording device (DVR), through which all cameras movements are controlled. And finally, surveillance screen and servers were installed in a central control room containing the main system, which is supervised by a specialized staff around the clock. "
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