Riyadh Az-Zahraa Magazine issued by the El-Abbas Holy Shrine celebrates the sixth anniversary!

some of the magazine covers
Riyadh Az-Zahraa magazine issued by the Female Library Unit, within the Library section of the Cultural and Intellectual Affairs Department of the El-Abbas Holy Shrine; celebrated its sixth anniversary.

For the informational and specialized issuance which is dedicated to the ethical and educational issues of the Muslim woman and family, the head of the Department of Cultural and Intellectual affairs Mr. Laith El-Mousawi said to El-Kefeel website, “The more advanced media and evolved information technologies, the sincere word and great purposeful ideas will remain the quality to have this media recognized among all the other ones. Whoever pretends that the righteousness in his policy of media without having an exterior impartial effect, he would either be an implicit tendentious or a clumsy deaf”.

He added, “Our informational projects should deliver a great impression to the world in order to gain a footstep among all mass media around the world. So, that would be through being firm on proper principles, and benefit from the greatest source of knowledge of Ahlulbait (p.b.u.t). And Ahlulbait (p.b.u.t) have the perfect opinion in everything in life. Riyadh Az-Zahraa Magazine is considered one of the best projects achieved by the holy shrine for its pages being usefully various in order to enrich the readership with the best and updated knowledge.

On the other hand, the head of the media section within the department of the intellectual and cultural affairs of the holy shrine the writer Mr. Ali Hussein EL-Khebbaz, “the feminine informational speech has developed since it was dealing with the female itself to another objective and original stage in order to fulfill their dreams and hopes. It also works on creating a sentimental ambience to overcome all means of social communications and to deliver the perfect ethics to the others, especially that media which started from holy principles promulgates the real faith to support Ahlulbait (p.b.u.t) like Riyadh Az-Zahraa Magazine, which has achieved an innovative distinction as for the quality of topics, the literary style and quick presence of mind. It is a periodical concerning Muslim female affairs, and helps obtain the best solutions for her problems by having experts consulted in cooperation with a specialized, academic, informative and technical personnel”.

It is mentioned that the EL-Abbas holy shrine restarted promulgating the proper Mohammedian culture and intellect, after two centuries ago, when it had been the greatest source of Islamic science. Now it started publishing books, booklets and revising scripts and books by the intellectual and cultural affairs department and its branches in the holy shrine. In addition to producing audiovisual and electronic culture.
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