The al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine provides logistical and moral support to the popular mobilization fighters.

Despite the end of the military operations that led to the liberation of the land of Iraq usurped from the clutches of the terrorist ISIL gangs, the moral and logistical support Committee of the Department of Religious Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine is still continuing to send its convoys to the military units, to support the security forces and the popular mobilization fighters stationed In the ​​operations district, especially in border areas and remote areas that are difficult to communicate with.

A convoy of logistical assistance has been recently sent to the popular mobilization fractions in the operations' district of Al-Qaim, Akashat and the border between Iraq and Syria. This assistance comes within the framework of the Committee's communication program with the heroes of the security forces and the popular mobilization according to a developed schedule.

The head of the committee; Sheikh Haidar al-'Aredhi, explained the following to Al-Kafeel Network: "This inspection visit comes in continuation of a number of visits that we have made previously, which included most of the operations districts in the liberated areas or that have witnessed battles against terrorist ISIL gangs."

He added: "After the victory, this committee did not stop providing support and sending convoys of aid to the stationed fighters, but continued at the same pace not like some quarters that reduced their support after the declaration of victory and the liberation of cities from the grip of evil and criminality."

As for this visit, al-'Aredhi said: "The visit included conveying greetings and prayer to His Eminence Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani, the supreme religious authority, for the heroic fighters, reminding them of the commandments he affirmed during the battles they fought with the enemies of humanity. We have also conveyed the greetings and prayers of their brothers in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.

The logistical and moral aids included the following:

  1. Giving religious and educational lectures that sharpen the hearts of the fighters and encourage them to do more to stop any attempt by the enemy to undermine the security of this country.

2 - The aid included dry, soft and canned food suitable for the cold atmosphere experienced by our fighters stationed in those areas.

3 - Provide fighters with clothing and winter supplies to protect them from severe cold, such as gloves, face cover and others.

4 - We did not forget to carry them some blessing gifts from the shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) as these gifts have high symbolism in the minds and hearts of these heroes, and they are inspired from his courage and bravery (peace be upon him).

He concluded: "We have observed during our visit that our heroic fighters are still with the same determination, steadfastness and strength, which pleases the hearts, as no circumstances stop them to perform the duties assigned to them to protect the land and borders of Iraq, despite the harsh and cold weather.

The fighters, on their part, praised this visit, stressing that the support from their religious authority gives them a psychological incentive and increases their determination to carry out many defensive and exposure operations against the enemies of Iraq and humanity. At the same time they pledged to remain loyal soldiers to protect the homeland and its Sanctities.
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