Clinics of the Dentistry College at the al-Kafeel University provides free medical treatment for more than 200 patients daily.

Based on its human and pioneering role in all fields, and due to the lack of specialized medical centers in the dental field in Iraq, the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has inaugurated many dental centers in various provinces. One of these centers is the clinics of the Faculty of Dentistry at Al-Kafeel University in Najaf, in which an integrated preventive treatment system is implemented supported by multidisciplinary medical and therapeutic materials and devices, and supervised by a specialized committee with expertise in this area.

Dr. Nawras Mohamed Shahid Al-Dahan, President of the al-Kafeel University, said: "The clinics of the Faculty of Dentistry at the al-Kafeel University been distinguished by many visitors of all ages thanks to its expertise in this field, resulting from the application of its rigurous educational outputs into the tangible reality, and thus it is able to gain the confidence of the patient."

He added: "The clinics are one of the specialized centers for the provision of medical services in Najaf, where we receive more than (200) cases daily, free of charge, and this is a positive indicator of the mutual trust between the patients and the doctors of the clinics" .

Dr. Mahdi al-Hakim, the administrative and technical supervisor at the Faculty of Dentistry at the al-Kafeel University, said: "The medical and logistic materials used are of solid international origin with specifications approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Health, so that the student performed what is required in the best way. And that's what we achieved since we opened these clinics. "

Dr. Kholoud al-Safi from the Faculty of Dentistry at the Al-Kafeel University said: "Our students depend on materials and tools that a special committee at the college buys. This is in the interest of students and patients alike. Here, we follow the student since he start treating the patient until the later leaves the clinic, providing him with all the tools and supplies needed and we intervene in case there is a need for it."

Regarding safety standards, Dr. Kareem Maktoof Attia, representative of the teaching staff at Al-Kafeel University, stressed on: "the existence of security and safety standards within the academic accreditation mechanism, where patients are treated through the fourth and fifth grades' students under the supervision of a cadre of specialized professors and with the help of a staff of assistant professors, who have excelled in their studies and have been recruited by our college."

As for the treatment of children in the clinic, Dr. Rehab Abdul Hussain Ali, graduated of Master of preventive dentistry, said: "We care and focus on how to treat children, as you know that the child needs special psychology, and we work to gain their confidence and confidence of their family through the kind of provided services, then we identify the appropriate treatment plan that it is not limited only to the treatment of the disease, but also includes the prevention of diseases that may occur in the future."
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