Invitation to the researchers to participate in the Women's Scientific Conference.

The Preparatory Committee for the Cultural Festival of the Martyrdom Spring in its 15th edition, which will be launched in the beginning of the month of Sha'ban under the slogan: "Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him): Beacon of the nations and reform of values)" called the researchers to participate in the Women's Scientific Conference entitled: "Women after Ashura: Contemporary Challenges), which will be launched as part of the festival's women's activities.

The Committee has identified the following topics:

First: Intellectual and cognitive axis.

Second: Social and Sustainable Development axis.

Third: Rights and legal axis.

The Preparatory Committee has set a number of conditions and criteria for the research that the female researchers are required to respect to participate, as follows:

1- The research should not be published or presented or submitted for publication to other parties previously.

2- The research should be written according to a sober scientific approach.

3- The number of pages should not be less than 15 pages and no more than 25 A4 pages

4- The research should be written with a font size 14 and 12 for the margin using simplified Arabic Font and put in a CD.

5- An abstract of not more than 300 words should be attached to the research.

6- The list of sources and references should be shown in the last pages of the research.

7- The research subject should be within that axes decided by the committee.

8- The Preparatory Committee will be rejecting all research that do not meet the decided conditions.

9- The research with its files, CV, the researcher picture and her email and mobile phone number should be sent to the email address:

And for inquiries and communication, please call the following numbers:

(07735380747 - 07813053831).

Note that the deadline for receipt of research is the March 1, 2019. And the results of the accepted research will be announced on the March 9, 2019. All the details of the conference (the date, place and program of the conference) will be sent to the researchers before April 1, 2019.
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